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The city pf Petra is located in south Jordan, about one hundred kilometers northern to Aqaba. The peace agreement between Israel and the Jordanian Kingdom brought along many economical collaborations between Eilat and Aqaba, therefore many Eilat based traveling agencies offer guided tours to Petra, Wadi Rum and many more Jordanian sites. The difference between the price of a guided tour and an independent tour to Petra is so insignificant, that we highly recommend visiting Petra in a well organized guided tour.

One could see Petra as a main junction in mankind history, right before the sea and oceanic transportation were explored, when ancient tribes used to traffic goods through land, exposed to the extreme conditions of the desert. The unique combination between the spectacular sites and the historical value of Petra, had defined it as one of the seven modern wonders of the world and as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
Petra is an ancient Nabataean city, originally built by the Edomites between the 7-9th centuries BC. The Nabataeans were a merchant tribe from the Arab peninsula who used to traffic goods from the desert to ancient Greece and Rome. As desert experts, the Nabataeans used to cross the desert with hundreds of camels, and stop in stations which were built in every 30-40 kilometers. The city of Petra was built as an urban solution to those who could not fight. Defending Petra was done simply by blocking the Siq (the canyon).

Later on, Petra became a banking center, the Nabataean capital and on the year 106 BC it was conquered by the Romans. Petra, as a junction between Syria, the Meditaranean, Egypt, Eilat and Arabia, became a strategic spot as well as a trading center for spices, incense and metal. The fall of Petra followed when Basra became the province's capital and when the routes to Yemen and India moved from the desert to the red sea.

The impressive buildings carved in red sandstone gave Petra the names “The Red Rock” and “Rose Red City”. Among the many buildings, monuments and must-see sites, the Siq, Al-Khazneh, the monastery (Al-dier) and the theater are particularly noteworthy. Purchasing a Two-Days pass to Petra is recommended in order to see and experience all that the ancient and intriguing city of Petra has to offer.

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